Conference Videos

#ACTA2014 Conference Videos

During the ACTA international TESOL Conference in Mebourne VicTESOL interviewed keynote speakers and participants about four key topics related to EAL education. As a result VicTESOL and ACTA produced 4 films on the following themes:

  • Globalisation and Language
  • Assessment for Language Learning
  • Bilingualism and Language Learning
  • Advocacy and EAL

plus a film of attendees speaking on the experience and value of attending conferences, including the ACTA Conference.

Each film is a few minutes in length and each is designed to provide stimulus for reflection, discussion and further research. The films are useful for professional learning activities or individual study. We hope you find them stimulating!

The Conference Experience

#ACTA2014 - The Conference Experience from VicTESOL on Vimeo.


Globalisation and Language

#ACTA2014 - Globalisation and Language from VicTESOL on Vimeo.

Three international specialists share their views on the deep changes being brought by globalisation and what it means for language learning and teaching.

  • Professor Joseph Lo Bianco – University of Melbourne
  • Professor Viv Edwards – University of Reading
  • Professor Amy Tsui – University of Hong Kong

You can read more about their keynote addresses at the 2014 ACTA conference if you click here.

Assessment for Language Learning

#ACTA2014 - Assessment for Language Learning from VicTESOL on Vimeo.

The 2014 ACTA Conference in Melbourne included Assessment in EAL as a strand. We’ve developed a short film to capture the key messages from the presentations. VicTESOL encourages you to use this as a starter for discussions about how you do assessment in EAL. Teachers might like to use follow up activities from the TEAL Project.

You can download the keynote address by Professor Chris Davison on assessment – ‘Assessing learners from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds: Challenging the dominant paradigm and practices’ – if you click here.

Bilingualism and Language Learning


#ACTA2014 - Bilingualism and Language Learning from VicTESOL on Vimeo.

Watch these great speakers as they enlighten us about teaching bilingual students and strengthening bilingualism. This video is a useful starter for discussion about bilingualism and what EAL teachers need to know.

  • Professor Joseph Lo Bianco – University of Melbourne
  • Professor Viv Edwards – University of Reading
  • Professor Ester de Jong – University of Florida
  • Fran Murray – ATESOL NT
  • Mairead Hannan –VicTESOL

Advocacy and EAL

#ACTA2014 - Advocacy and EAL from VicTESOL on Vimeo.

Speakers from the 2014 ACTA Conference talk about the long tradition of EAL (ESL) teachers advocating for learners in the Australian context. Mairead Hannan, Professor Joe Lo Bianco and Professor Viv Edwards inspire us to continue to advocate for language learners at the school and program level but also to collaborate across the sectors within our professional associations.


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